About Us

Our Approach

(SA)ATEA was formed in 2003 with the express intention of protecting and supporting the needs of Employers, with special emphasis on labour and legal assistance.

(SA)ATEA is a Non-Profit Employer organization that promotes the interests of Employers in South Africa across a broad spectrum of businesses.


To be the most sought-after Employer organization in South Africa.


To promote, represent, support and look after the interests of a wide range of Employer groups in South Africa.

Why choose (SA)ATEA?

  • (SA)ATEA is the go-to Employer organization which has representation throughout South Africa.
  • Provide a mouthpiece and communication channel for member industries and businesses.
  • We are a rapidly growing Employer organization in South Africa.
  • Our membership fees are affordable.
  • We continue to innovate ideas and benefits for our members.
  • Our Constitution regulates our activities.
  • In order to be represented at Arbitration and matters of Dispute at either the CCMA or at a Bargaining Council, membership of an organization such as (SA)ATEA is obligatory.


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